New format for apPropulsion

In order to provide more valuable content regarding supersonic propulsion, the author is making small changes to the content provided on this blog. All articles will still be focused on supersonic propulsion in aerospace engineering and directed toward an audience of educated readers interested in science and engineering. However, rather than waiting for interesting tidbits to appear in the news, the author will be using an industry journal (AIAA Journal of Propulsion and Power) as the content source. At least one article per month will be posted on apPropulsion (at least that’s the plan), detailing a new development in propulsion. Additionally, the author will be composing longer 3,000 – 5,000 word articles about propulsion systems that summarize the state-of-art for each system. These will not be posted as often; twice a year is the expected rate.

With this new plan in place, it is my sincere hope that apPropulsion can become a valuable news source for developments in supersonic propulsion, as well as a repository of knowledge on types of propulsion systems.

Thank you for your patience as this plan goes into effect.

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